SNC - Supplier Network Collaboration


  • True collaboration, on the other hand, is the ability to share information, competencies, skills, intelligence, and risks, and to then make appropriate commitments in terms of actions and business decisions. Optimum collaboration is achieved when collective intelligence is at its best - in other words, it goes beyond the sum of individual contributions).This can be achieved when you allow instant collaboration anywhere and at any time with both internal and external personnel, and when all of the information that is required is available and is used.
  • Collaboration is based on information, and can be split into 3 categories:
    1. Transactional and planning information, which is data-based, structured and detailed;
    2. Reporting information, which is data-based information, structured and aggregated; and
    3. Knowledge-based information, which is all those forms of information not included in the categories above -
  • informal information, documents, knowledge, experiences, skills and business and market intelligence
  • QEWEB SNC support OEM to connect the suppliers, 3PL and clients in one platform to enable inventory, invoice and orders information visibility.

What is it solved

lack of supplier inventory , in-transit inventory, and shipping process control information

Plan, execution and change management between OEM and Supplier can not be aligned smoothly and quickly

low efficiency to process the order by email, fax or telephone

collaboration cost increased between OEM and suppliers

the document, draw and file cannot be shared on time and safely between OEM and suppliers.

cannot get the purchase order status and payment information between OEM and suppliers

data cannot be synchronized timely

supply visualization improve the stock demand satisfaction level

Solution Framework

SNC – improve the visibility of Supply chain, SNC was created to fill the need to communicate orders and forecast information to our direct material supply base for those suppliers who do not have EDI capability.

Technology Architecture


Open infrastructure

  • Java/HTML5
  • Oracle and SQL server Support
  • Unix/Windows
  • Automatic fault recovery

SaaS platform

  • Multi tenant design
  • Data security isolation
  • To increase the planned network points
  • Lowest cost

Big data enable

  • Memory database acceleration
  • Data mining analysis
  • Visualization
  • Customized report